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Our products are mainly produced in Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and France). Some of our textiles are manufactured in India.

French spirited in its delicate elegance and placed at the crossroad of European cultures through borrowed influences, Casa Lopez represents the subtle without obstentation.

During one of his trips to Spain, Pierre Sauvage, the brains and heart of Casa Lopez, was inspired by the traditional Hispanic pattern of the bird nested in a vegetal interlacing. He adapted this pattern to become the landmark of Casa Lopez. It can now be found on rugs, plates, candle recipients or even mixed with stripes on our precious fabrics.

Soon after this, a multitude of new ideas come to Pierre, who regularly turns them into real items.

Through his personal and professional travels, Pierre Sauvage sources ceramic artists and basket makers, blacksmiths and stonemasons. Casa Lopez’s universe revolves around the world of rugs, with pleated cotton lampshades from India, hand-painted ceramics from Portugal… So many precious items that Pierre tries in his own house before presenting them to the public.


Please refer to the link under each rug to know how to care for each item specifically.

Please contact us to order a custom-made rug. Our team will put all its expertise at your disposal, advising you on size, material, color and pattern, creating a rug that perfectly fits you!


The ceramics are hand painted by our artisans, which means their pattern will slightly vary from one item to another. That is what makes their beauty and originality. Each piece is unique!

In order to avoid the deterioration of your ceramic pieces, the use of a microwave is not recommended.

Yes, you can put your ceramics in your dishwasher. However, prioritize delicate cycles to avoid damage.


All our furniture items are made on demand.

The rattan pieces have a manufacturing lead time of 8 months. The Small Table and Night Stand made of wood can be customized in your own colors and have a production time of about 2 months.

For other inquiries about our furniture pieces, please contact us .


For a harmonious combination, we advise you to choose a lampshade whose base is larger than the widest part of the lamp.

For our Pedro lamp base, we recommend choosing one of our 17x40x28cm lampshades. It will also go well with the 30x40x28cm lampshade. Recommendations are the same for the Bird lamp base.

Our Palma and Faro lamp bases go very well with a 30x40x28cm. If you prefer it smaller, you can also go with 17x40x23cm.

Finally, the Asturias lamp base matches perfectly in size with a 14x30x19cm lampshade or a 14x25x15cm for a bedside lamp for example.

Yes, our lamp bases Pedro, Bird, Palma, Faro and Asturias are electrified with an European plug.

Our lamp bases, wall lights and chandeliers in Braided Reed are electrified with an American plug.

If you wish to purchase our lamps without electrification, simply let us know so in the comments when you order online. You can also tell us about it by contacting our Customer Service .